Lemasa develops and manufactures nozzles for hydroblasting in compliance with the strictest engineering requirements and industry standards of the sectors we operate in.


High performance rotating nozzle for surface preparation: High durability, adjustable rotation, easy maintenance and centrifugal brake.

22,000 psi or 40,000 psi maximum pressure

T & B Nozzle

Nozzles used for side and front internal cleaning of obstructed pipes..

14,500 psi or 20,000 psi maximum pressure


High performance rotary nozzle for internal pipe cleaning from 06″ (152 mm) to 60″ (1,524 mm).

22,000 psi maximum pressure

Straight and fan nozzle

Straight and fan hydro jet nozzles for cutting materials or cleaning larger surfaces.

22,000 psi maximum pressure

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