How can waterjet pumps increase the productivity of your industry?

There is no denying that when we talk about results for industry managers, some particularities such as cost-benefit and agility are remembered. In addition to them, another characteristic is always desired: productivity. Thinking about it, today we want to show how different industrial sectors can be more productive with the help of allies such as hydrojetting pumps, which allow practical, intense and very efficient jobs.

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Hydrojetting pumps

First of all, it is very important that you know exactly what the hydrojetting pump is. Used in several areas, the item helps provide a balance of strength and ease in the services where it is applied.

In order to allow simple and agile pumping, the pump ensures that the flow and pressure regulation is done properly. and totally safe, through some safety devices such as pneumatic pressure regulator, rupture disc, among others.

Thus, the product can serve different segments such as sugar and alcohol, automobile, naval, petrochemical and many others. Because it acts quickly, accurately, economically and safely in all possible applications.

Therefore, today there are many options on the market, between professional and industrial solutions with diesel, electric or gasoline drives.

A solution for different applications

The hydrojetting pump is very effective for eliminating more resistant and impregnated materials on surfaces and industrial equipment. Because the product has a great capacity to act with practicality and speed to remove even heavier incrustations.

Therefore, companies from different segments are betting heavily on this solution to achieve excellent results in their production.

In fact, many industries use this service and ensure its advantages. The sugar and alcohol industry, for example, uses hydrojetting to eliminate particles that prevent products derived from sugar cane from being produced efficiently and quickly.

Undeniably, the shipbuilding industry is also betting on this work to remove unwanted residues, which can hinder the performance of boats, such as the removal of barnacles or paintings.

In addition, civil construction is yet another area that uses hydrojet equipment to carry out efficient cleaning, controlled hydrodemolition, concrete apicalization and surface preparation.

The airport industry is also among those benefiting from the advantages of hydrojetting services, which can be seen through the removal of strips and paintings on aircraft, cleaning of pipes, rain channels and turbines and removal of rubber on the runway.

Oil platforms use waterjet pumps for preparing surfaces in structures, cleaning internal drilling risers, removing barnacles, cleaning boilers, heat exchangers and underwater cleaning.

Certainly, these are just some of the sectors that use this type of product. There are other areas where cleaning and waterjet work can make a difference, such as basic sanitation, automotive, petrochemical, mining, cement and cold hydrocutting.

Productivity and other benefits of using waterjet pumps

Now that you've understood a little more about hydrojetting pumps and how they work, it's time to show how your industry's productivity can benefit from the help of this solution.

However, the explanation is very simple. Its production can act in a much more productive way through the advantages offered by this type of product.

Therefore, hydrojetting services eliminate barriers that can hamper the performance of equipment and staff.

Thus, the solution eliminates defects, as well as machine downtime, which compromises the work of professionals during the adjustment of the mechanism.

In order to better understand the great benefits of this service, we will list the main advantages.


As you have seen throughout the text, waterjet pumps are able to serve different segments.

Therefore, this versatility is one of the characteristics that most attract the attention of entrepreneurs, who are looking for products that are able to help clean different equipment and surfaces.


One of the great advantages of hydrojet pumps is that they are safe. They do not pose risks to operators and do not damage surfaces, machines and piping. So, this is an efficient way to have a complete cleaning, lasting and with less risk to the operation.

In addition, when conducted by a trained professional and using appropriate PPE, they offer safe operation.

Cost benefit 

To conclude, we need to highlight that in addition to all the benefits already mentioned, the solution can offer savings for your industry.

The method can use water recirculation to supply the hydrojetting pump and provides more savings in the tasks performed.

Thus, when investing in a waterjet pump your company is ensuring more optimization. This way it avoids any damage to the equipment and ensures production without negative interference.

In fact, all these advantages help to deliver better products and reap more incredible results.

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